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I am delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial for Mel, a remarkable dietitian who has been instrumental in my transformative journey to lose 150 pounds and regain my mobility. Mel’s expert guidance and unwavering support have been nothing short of life-changing. With her comprehensive knowledge and personalized approach, I’ve not only shed excess weight but also gained a profound understanding of good eating practices.

Mel equipped me with a wealth of tools that made the process of reshaping my relationship with food not only manageable but enjoyable. She provided me with practical strategies to navigate the complex world of nutrition in my daily life, making healthier choices effortless. Mel’s commitment to my success and well-being has been truly remarkable, and I am deeply grateful for the positive impact she had on my life.
– Jessica, age 46


“I absolutely love working with Mel. Her knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the human body are not just expansive, but she approaches nutritional education in a way that makes it accessible in a myriad of ways. I have had issues with trying to find information on my own and generally not knowing where to start or being afraid that purchasing healthy foods might be out of my price range. The knowledge provided in our sessions has helped me to manage wild weight fluctuations that I have experienced over the last few years as well as provided me lots of context in how to eat healthier in ways that aren’t bland and don’t break the bank. Most importantly, Mel made our sessions together exciting, and that has helped me more than anything. Her positive attitude, excited demeanor, and judgment free atmosphere have made a world of difference in how I approach my own intake and nutritional self care. “
-Ryan, age 33


I had the worst feelings about my body and thought the only way to lose weight was to eat salads. In January 2021, I met Mel for our first nutrionist appointment. Up until then, I heard nutritionists will only make you want to starve yourself to lose weight….FALSE! Mel gave me mini achievable goals and taught me how to eat wholesome meals full of protein and fiber rich foods. She also doesn’t make me feel terrible for that once in a while treat because it’s OK to eat food you enjoy. I was told by a previous Dr that I would never lose weight without surgery. Also, me wanting another baby was impossible and who did I think I was “Wonder Woman “. With the guidance and encouragement from Mel’s kindest soul, I lost 45 lbs and became pregnant. During my pregnancy, I used the skills Mel guided me with and was able to have a healthy pregnancy at the age of 37 (my underlying condition was the reason for premature birth). I’m Mel’s biggest fan, I even found her on Facebook and begged to work with her again because she is the only person I trust will guide me to success. Mel has this aura that surrounds her and gives off positive energy to make you feel comfortable, and I know it’s genuine.
-Nicole, Age 38